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Abstract. The article is devoted to the understanding of family relationships in "women's prose". The material for studying the problem was the works of Victoria Tokareva and Zulfiya Kurolboy kizi, the study of this problem on the example of Russian and Uzbek "women's prose" allows us to deepen the understanding of the modern literary process, which notes that in the current world there has been a replacement of positions in the interaction of three different-level subjects: society, family and individual. The phenomenon of an inverted pyramid can be traced: if earlier it was based on an individual, and at the top – society, now they seem to have changed places – at the base of the pyramid was the society, and at the top-the individual. The family has retained its central position in this hierarchy, in the sense that it is both a channel for resolving contradictions between society and the individual. However, the emphasis has changed in the assessment of the importance of the family, there has been a re-evaluation of these models, which we observed, it seemed, quite recently, and those that are classified as alternative in modern conditions, the return of the family to the function of accumulating private property and passing it on by inheritance. The author of the article expresses the idea of the importance of fiction in the process of forming a family and family values. Materials and methods. This topic is relevant at all times. The problems of the family have been studied by many scientists and writers. The object of the study was the works of Victoria Tokareva and Zulfiya Kurolboy kizi. The subject of the study was the issues of family and family values in Russian and Uzbek “women's prose”. The purpose of the study is to study the features of the implementation of family problems, family relations in “women's prose” Research objectives:- study and systematization of materials on the problem, determining the degree of its study in science;- definition of the main problems of family relations in the modern literature of the twentieth century Research methods: comparative, historical and literary, analytical. Results of the study. In the twentieth century, there is a tendency to destroy the institution of marriage, and, investigator says but, a family too. The number of divorces, the number of defective families is increasing, and a huge number of abandoned and illegitimate children are being traced. Traditional concepts of the principles of education of the younger generation are changing. The changes taking place in society have brought to the fore the concern for material well-being, leaving without attention the value of the moral and cultural traditions of previous generations. This unequal replacement led to a change in the usual norms of existence and a shift in the concept of true life guidelines. Conclusion. The study of research materials on the problem, the analysis of works of modern “women's prose” show the relevance of the problem in modern society. Family problems are of particular importance in modern conditions, which are characterized, among other things, by a conflict between the objective needs of society and the social conditions in which the family lives. In society, there is a constant understanding of the problems of the family at the level of the state and society. The theme of the family is reflected in the modern “women's prose” Modern authors Victoria Tokareva and Zulfiya Kurolboy kizi not without reason highlight the main problems of the family: the lack of mutual understanding between generations, parents ' passion for their career and insufficient attention to their own children, the problem of uncritical analysis of the state of family relationships, lack of responsibility in family life, etc.

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