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Introduction. This article examines the poetic heritage of the outstanding Uzbek poetess Zulfiya, who is the brightest figure in Uzbek poetry. The 30-90s of the XX century, when Zulfiya made her debut and became famous for her poems, was a time of intense search in the artistic life of Uzbekistan. Description of the specifics of the individual style of the Uzbek poetess of the XX century Zulfiya is an urgent task of modern literary criticism. It should also be recognized that Zulfiya's connections with the previous tradition are insufficiently studied in revealing the inner world of the lyric heroine. Research methods. The research methodology is based on an integrated approach that includes various methods: biographical, historical-literary, relative-comparative, structural-semantic. Results and discussions. In the works of the poetess, one can trace an appeal to classical literature. The article examines through the prism of poetic traditions the similarity and difference between the lyric works of the two brightest representatives of the female poetry of Uzbekistan, Nodira and Zulfiya. The similarity lies in the fact that both Nodira and Zulfiya caroled about love and devotion, dreams and the inner world of women of their time. Nodira's progressiveness was that she sang not only the beauty of a woman, but also admired her mind, human qualities and dignity. The lyrical heroine of Nodira appears before the reader as a lonely and sad woman, faithful to the memory of a loved one. While the heroine of Zulfiya is a real example of devotion to her native land. Zulfiya appears before the reader as a singer of a woman's heart, the lyrical heroine in her poems is positioned as a strong personality with noble human qualities, with an optimistic outlook on life and content with her own happiness. Zulfiya devotes most of her poems to the women of Uzbekistan. Published in 1938, the collection of poetry "Song of the girls" shows the rich world of women's experiences and their love for the Motherland. The images of women created by the poetess are people who have earned a reputation and fame among the people for their selfless work and hard work. Zulfiya praises the happiness, hard work, dreams and hopes of an oriental woman. In the lyrics of the poetess, along with images glorifying the beauty of contemporaries, the image of natural landscapes stands out. This is morning, sun, light, moon and so on. The image of "dawn" appeared in the first poems of Zulfiya and was imprinted throughout her career. The lyric system of the poetess has the following characteristic features: 1) a deep degree of subjectivation; 2) the objectivity and concreteness of the poetic style; 3) domination of motion over static; 4) the presence of a rich color palette that makes her poems in the verbal aspect colorful and bright. Conclusion. Zulfiya's work has become a bright page in the history of modern Uzbek literature, being a continuation of that great female poetry, at the origins of which Nodira stood. People's poet of Uzbekistan Zulfiya has created a whole gallery of gorgeous female images, which embody the best features and qualities of an Uzbek woman

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