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Background. The article analyzes the stylistic features of standard introductory words used in newspaper texts in Uzbek and English. It has also been suggested that there is a standard similarity in the introductory words that connect sentences in Uzbek and English newspaper texts, and these words are often significant as they come at the beginning of a sentence. All analyzes were compared using examples of Uzbek and English newspapers. Methods. Introductory words in modern newspaper text is a powerful means of representing the author of a newspaper text, explication of dialogicity, as well as reproduction of the features of colloquial speech to give effect ease, spontaneity in expressing thoughts. The language standard of a newspaper is determined by the need and speed of information transmission. There are unique ways to use introductory words in newspaper texts. It is well known that introductory words are words that are not syntactically associated with a sentence, express the attitude to the idea expressed in newspaper texts, the general value of the idea, to whom it belongs, or its inherent connection with the previous idea. Results. Research of the peculiarities of using introductory words in the language of the newspaper of the last decade has led to interesting observations. The tendencies of formation and development language of the media, such as democratization, strengthening of the personal principle, setting for dialogue, proximity to oral communication, influenced the expansion of pragmatic functions of introductory words. Discussion. Introductory words and phrases, as well as in the form of introductory sentences, are used in all styles of speech. The publicistic style is most often used. Introductory words and phrases are especially common in modern media texts, including newspaper ones. In media texts they represent the meanings of faith, affirmation, suspicion, desire, surprise, emphasis, assumption, the content of which belongs to the whole sentence or part of it. Also analysis shows that in one newspaper text one can observe sentences consisting of a series of introductory words. Conclusion. The presence of standard introductory words in the Uzbek and English texts of the newspaper gives a special meaning to the text. Connects the sentences, expresses the author's opinion on the subject. In addition, standard introductory words are widely used in all genres of the newspaper

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