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Background. In the introductory part there is information about the methods of making antonyms in French, the phenomenon of lexical antonym in French phraseology, the semantics of antonymous phrases in French. Methods. In the methods section, there is a type of antonyms in French that are used instead of prefixes and reflect the fact that they reflect semantic features. Moreover, the specific features of lexical antonyms are qualitatively contrasted based on the level of character; the same situation is applied to the semantic meanings represented by lexico-phraseological units, the opposite meaning between two phraseological units, that is, the occurrence of the phenomenon of phraseological antonyms. Results. The result section also states that there is a phenomenon of lexical antonyms in phraseology, in which this phenomenon does not occur between two opposite phraseological units, but between two words with opposite meanings in the same phraseological unit. It is also said that in French phraseological units there are many antonymic components, and in the process of their analysis there are different cases. Discussion. In the discussion value, if the specific features of lexical antonyms are qualitatively contrasted based on the level of the character, then the development of phraseological antonyms is analyzed on the basis of identifying the contrasting characters. It is shown that the peculiarities of phraseological antonyms are different from the lexical antonyms that represent the individual abstract features of the object. In addition, in the discussion section, it was mentioned that the sign that deeply expresses the systemic nature of expressions is variation, which is more common than lexemes. There is evidence that observations of the ancient French language suggest that the evolution of French units ranged from multi-figurative variation to monotony and from antinorm to norm. Conclusion. The summary section contains information about the phraseological units of the French language, their types, information about their variation.

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