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Introduction. This article considers the methodological aspects of innovative development and research of the service sector at the current stage of economic development, scientifically based proposals and recommendations for the balanced development and diversification of service enterprises, improving the efficiency of the service sector of the economy. Methodological issues of improving the practical mechanisms of application of innovative technologies and tools in the field have been studied. Research methods. Ensuring the rapid growth of the service sector in the country, further support of entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs for the population, as well as the balanced development and diversification of service enterprises, improving the competitiveness and quality of their services will continue ongoing reforms. In developing high-speed services, it is important to use innovative developments in various areas of the industry. This is because the services sector plays an important role in the life of society in comparison with other areas. Every scientifically grounded innovation in this field, that is, an innovative development, will show its effectiveness in a shorter time than other areas. In our country the attention to this area is increasing year by year. As proof of this, the Ministry of Innovation Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Fund for Support of Innovative Development and Innovation, the creation of centers for innovation ideas, developments and technologies, and a special emphasis on scientists and scientists is possible. Innovation has become a pressing issue in recent years. It is becoming increasingly difficult for society to imagine all aspects of the country's development, management, financing and other areas without innovations. Results and discussions. It is innovation that leads to market renewal, product quality and diversity, service improvement, the use of new production methods, and improved management. Conclusion. As an integral part of the economy, the market for innovative services, like many other industries where intellectual potential prevails over material potential, requires constant attention to the organization of the innovation process.

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