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Background. The article discusses psychology of teenagers and elders in detective novels which is considered to be more complicated. Although the society and the social environment change and renew the way of thinking, the changes in the world of childhood and adolescence, like the laws of nature, are constantly changing. Adolescence is a period that is complicated by the transition of a person to the stage of childhood and maturity. Methods. It is important that every teenager at this age pays more attention to the heroes of books and movies, learns from them. Consequently, the task of fiction for teenagers is also very responsible and multifaceted. Among the works of world literature such as J. Verne's "Children of Captain Grant", "Five Weeks in a Balloon", "Mysterious Island", D. Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe", J. Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", Uzbek children's fiction and detective prose, for example The works of H. Shaykhov, T. Malik, O. Mukhtor, H. Tukhtaboyev, as well as the didactic stories of T. Malik, E. Malik play an important role in enriching the spiritual needs of adolescents in this area. Results. In general, in the history of Uzbek children's literature of the XX century biographical and autobiographical stories, memoirs, essays and historical-documentary works of such mature writers as S. Aini, Oybek, A. Qahhor, G. Gulam, N. Safarov, N. Fozilov, M. Osim as an independent person in life purification had become programmatic for the growth of human qualities. Nowadays, teenagers are trying to read more psychological, adventure and detective stories. Especially the protagonists of such works are children and adolescents, whose spiritual experiences can have a powerful impact on readers of this age if studied in depth artistically. It should be noted that although the classic examples of detective literature are mainly aimed at exposing crime, the study of social life, society and the environment, the psychology of the protagonists play a key role in the further development of a literary genre. Discussion. The biggest flaw in our adventurers, detective writers, is known in the same place: that is, the details of events become the first and main goal, one of the main requirements of fiction - the task of studying and analyzing man, the duty is ignored. However, in extremely conflicting and conflict-ridden situations, which are typical of adventure and detective stories, there is a great opportunity for this. But when someone chooses a way to understand a person, someone tends to weave a chain of conflicts. If we put the "stone" of our adventure and detective works on the basis of this criterion, many truths will become clear. [3] Conclusion. There are many similarities and differences in the interpretation of adolescent psychology in world and Uzbek children's prose, the study of which reveals the problems of the external and internal world of contemporary adolescents. In addition, only children's prose today has acquired a colorful, unique form and principles in terms of its genre and thematic features. Because famous writers in the world are dedicating their talents and activities to him. It is already clear that the future of humanity is in the hands of the rising generation, that the psychology of today's adolescents is an important factor in future society[8].

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