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Background. The introductory part of the article provides general information, such as the fact that the predicative event is a syntactic category that forms a sentence, giving the content of the sentence the ability to report an event of an objective being. Methods. Methods, on the other hand, explain that predicative, sign (action, quality, and feature) represent the relationship of an object to time and inclination, and thus transform a sentence into a unit that forms and communicates a particular idea. This section also analyzes the level of study of the predicative phenomenon. Results. This part of the article provides information on whether the presence or absence of predicative in the “secondary expression of proposition in multi-predicate devices is a hotly debated issue among linguists. Such data are analyzed with vivid evidence. it is also argued that there is diversity in the approach to predicative. Discussion. The discussion section of the article analyzes the presence of complete predicativeness in the main expression of proposition in multi-predicate devices. The relationship between the subject and the predicate has a grammatical meaning and is expressed in the verb, and in the secondary expression the subject and the predicate the absence of an independent form of the predicate, even if the relation is present, is expressed by the analyzes. Conclusion. In the conclusion section based on the research in the article, monopredicative sentences change the system with speech-grammatical means indicating the purpose of expression, creating a speech paradigmatic field, the linguistic aspect of the monopredicative sentence, i.e. the pattern (stable aspect) does not change, only its communicative purpose only the speech image associated with (variable aspect) change, the expression is monopredicative according to the purpose, in the sentences, it is concluded that at the higher stage of generalization, contradictory variations can be distinguished, such as the verbal form of the message, the verbal form of the interrogative.

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