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Relevance. In Uzbek linguistics, a number of studies have been carried out on automatic translation, the development of the linguistic foundations of the author's corpus, the processing of lexicographic texts and linguistic-statistical analysis. However, the processing of the Uzbek language as the language of the Internet: spelling, automatic processing and translation programs, search programs for various characters, text generation, the linguistic basis of the text corpus and national corpus, the technology of its software is not studied in any monograph. The article discusses such problems as: the transformation of language into the language of the Internet, computer technology, mathematical linguistics, its continuation and the formation and development of computer linguistics, in particular the question of modeling natural languages for artificial intelligence. The Uzbek National Corps plays an important role in enhancing the international status of the Uzbek language. Objective. To emphasize the importance of linguistic modules, such as phonology, morphology and spelling, in the formation of the linguistic base of the national corpus of the Uzbek language. Methods. The article uses rational-typological, comparative, meaningful, discursive methods of analysis. Results. The article is scientifically substantiated by the need to create an algorithm for phonological, morphological and spelling rules for the formation of a lexical-grammatical code, one of the independent components of linguistic programs, a linguistic module and an algorithm. Their types are analyzed. The need for algorithms for phonological, morphological and spelling rules for the formation of the lexical and grammatical code is scientifically substantiated. The importance of such linguistic modules as phonology, morphology and spelling in the formation of the linguistic base of the national corpus of the Uzbek language is emphasized. Conclusions. Given the fact that raising the international status of the Uzbek language, bringing it to the level of the world language of communication, studying and teaching the Uzbek language abroad, expanding and honing the capabilities of our national language will be carried out directly through the national corpus, the practical significance of the work will be a key development factor and survival.

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