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Background. Spiritual threats have always existed, and this is one of the strongest factors leading to the loss of national identity, the end of existence of the state as a state. Uzbekistan is being renewed. Spiritual threats are being renewed for instance. Also, a political and legal basis is being created to improve the types of fighting against various forms of spiritual threats. Similar issues will be discussed in this article. Methods. In recent years, the importance of education in the world has been steadily increasing, and it has become one of the most important factors in bringing not only the economy, but also society to a qualitatively new level. Results. Because while moral values form the basis of spiritual security, at the same time spiritual security is the foundation of our national security. “The source of strength of independent Uzbekistan is the commitment of people to our national values. Our people have been nurturing the delicate buds of justice, equality, good neighbourhoodness and humanity for centuries. Discussions. It is known that the issue of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens in the field of information embodies the right and freedom of a person to receive information, disseminate information and personal opinion, which is an important condition for building a democratic society in Uzbekistan. Conclusions. In the era of threatening globalization, the benefits of the Motherland and the people must be a priority in ensuring the spiritual security of our society, and educating the population, especially our youth, to be highly educated, courageous and determined people must be more important than ever.

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