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Abstract. The emergence of different genres and trends in literature has led to the creation of various unique works. Thus, creating a novel and accepting it by a reader with positive thoughts demonstrates the skill of the writer. The internal structure of the work plays an important role in it. This scientific article contains scientifically grounded ideas about the genre of the play, its internal structure, a life of author, the secondary world, the system of images in the work and etc. The scientific article is divided into four parts, and we present them on a short explanation. Introduction. There are many genres and trends in world literature and they have led to the birth of rare works. There are so many books that the readers see themselves in another world when they read them. The creation of such works requires a high level of writing skills. In this section, there is expressed opinions about American fantasy and science fiction writer George R.R. Martin and the growing interest of the reader to the novels that he created. Methods. This section presents scientific ideas about the genre of the author's work and the essence of its content. There is also a list of scholars who have conducted research on the literary activity of writer and fantasy. Results and discussion. We divide the main part of our research into three parts. The first part is devoted to the life and literary achievements of the writer. It covers the works created in the literary activity of the author and the essence of their content. In the second part is dedicated to George R. R. Martin's creative style and features of his art works. Furthermore, there is presented the differences between his work and the works of other authors. The third part analysis scientifically the internal composition of the first book "Game of Thrones" of saga "A Song of Ice and Fire" and the system of images. In addition, there are presented positive feedbacks by researchers about the author’s work. The goals and objectives of symbolic and artistic images that permeate the work in the system of images are scientifically substantiated by examples. Conclusion. It takes into consideration the author's personal approach to the scope of the study and the expected result. It concludes about the elements that based on the Fantasy genre and importance of George R. Martin's work in it.

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