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Background. In the article the authors stated about the need to use digital technologies that provide opportunities to improve the quality of education in the educational system and improve the effective management of competitive personnel training process, to make drastic quality changes in higher education and increase the indicators of employment of graduates, improving the quality of employment monitoring in higher education and other organizations. Materials and methods. The further development of our country, the formation of a high-tech economy, the rapid development of industrial sectors, small and medium-sized businesses provide new opportunities for the realization of the potential of citizens. The main purpose of all stages of education is aimed at providing excellent and high-quality training and service of competitive young specialists. Results. Wherever the transition to the "Digital economy" and "Electronic government" is taking place, it is clear that the burden on the people is reduced, government expenses is reduced, and corruption is prevented. Discussions. In the implementation of youth policy, in order to ensure their employment and take comprehensive support measures, it is first necessary to have a realistic definition of their employment indicators on an individual basis, that is, to have accurate data on employment monitoring. Conclusion. This technology will give a strong impetus to our people to take bold steps to promote the benefits of digital information systems and increase the number of options related to the digital economy in education, while increasing the level of transparency in any industry, reducing corruption.

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6. Mustafakulov Sh. Digital economy is a new Uzbekistan a new era of development. "Digital economy: a new stage in the development of a new Uzbekistan through new technologies, platforms and business models."

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