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Background. The article reveals the essence of the concept of intonation, reveals its composition, function and roles in the language of cinema. Intonation is an adornment of oral speech, it is argued that it is the most important element in revealing the character of the characters. This is proved with factual examples from the films Onam bilmasin (Let Mama Don't Know) and Katta Odam 2 (Big Man 2). It is substantiated that the study of the language of cinema in the linguistic aspect, especially, the study of the phonetic, lexical-semantic and grammatical aspects in the future can lead to an increase in the level of films, some recommendations are given to improve the language of cinema.

Methods. The article is used component, differential-semantic, observation and comparison methods to determine the place of intonation in the language of cinema.

Results. 1. It is necessary to train film editors for the art of cinema. He must be an expert who is well - informed in both the art of filmmaking and directing and linguistics. 2. Each film must be edited by a film editor. This editing would be purposeful if it was done twice: before the film was shot (in the script) and after the filming (in the frame). 3. The effectiveness would be even greater, If the subject of "Stage speech" in the course of acting was taught in collaboration with linguists. 4. In order to understand the essence of intonation and its functions fully, actors must be the master of the theoretical information covered in this topic in detail and in linguistic manuals.

Conclusion. Film is one of the manifestations of the style of speech, so intonation is very important in movies. The degree to which intonation is used has a direct effect on sentence structure and content. Firstly, every actor needs to master the language skills and its possibilities. Especially if he regularly trains with his voice and fully masters the essence and functions of intonation, he will be able to convey the intended purpose to the audience. A fake, rude, or overly soft voice bores the viewer, creating a sense of insecurity towards the actor.

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