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Iron atoms in vitreous arsenic selenide films form single electron donor centers, while the Fermi level shifts from the middle of the band gap to the bottom of the conduction band with an increase in the iron concentration due to the filling of single electron states of the acceptor type located below the Fermi level The Mössbauer spectroscopy method was used to study the electronic exchange between ionized and neutral centers of iron in the glassy selenide of arsenic

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1. A. Marchenko, F. Nasredinov, P. Seregin. Dinamics of the two-electron processes in impurity semiconductors. Mössbauer spectroscopy of impurity centers of tin and germanium in crystalline and glassy chalcogenide semiconductors. Verlag: LAP LAMBERT. Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, 2018. 390 p.

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