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The article lists the concept of cinematic language and its specific features. In order to translate scripts into the language of cinema - screen language, it is necessary to train a specialist called a film editor. A film editor should be aware of both the art of filmmaking and directing, as well as literature and language norms. Only then will the language of cinema be polished and achieve its purpose. Linguistics plays an important role in achieving this goal. Based on these features, it was also suggested that the language of cinema should be studied from a linguistic point of view.

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1. Mirziyoev Sh.M. Milliy kinoindustriyani rivojlantirish bo'yicha qo'shimcha chora-tadbirlar to'g'risida 2018 yil 24 iyul, PQ-3880-son [Elektron resurs]


3. https://sites.google.com/site/kursliteraturaikino/home/vodnoe-zanatie-azyk-kino-i-azyk-literatury-literaturnaa-kinematograficnost-raznyh-zanrov




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