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Abstract. It can be shown that the following qualitative changes in the psyche fully reflect the potential of the student and students: this is an increase in self-awareness; Improvement of self-management processes, growth of intellectual abilities (mental shift, in-depth analysis of the material, identification of patterns, search for broad analogies). The process of teaching students should also be considered from the point of view of the extent to which this education is provided with elements of preparation for the independent acquisition of knowledge. At the same time, self-study is considered a key component of education. Independent reading means the formation of an independent style of work that allows students to most fully express their personality traits, features of cognitive and emotional processes in it, its essence and character. Psychologists also dealt with the problem of the natural abilities of schoolchildren and students. Among the many theories concerning this problem, there are those that associate ability with its internal conditions in the rising generation, and those that associate it only with society, environment and upbringing, i.e. with external conditions, almost without regard to the natural basis of abilities. Introduction. Only the use of modern pedagogical technologies will make it possible to change education, and new information technologies will make it possible to implement their ideas as efficiently as possible. Therefore, in the information age, there is a need to move to a new educational paradigm "student-information environment-teacher" for all types and systems of education. In turn, the development of engineering and technology, the development and achievements of other natural sciences are closely linked with the development of physical science. Therefore, the development of physics leads to the rise of technology and technology, i.e., production. Only a state with high technology and equipment will prosper and prosper. Therefore, today in our country it is necessary to develop physical science, to radically increase the effectiveness of physical education. Methods.Physics is studied at the levels of general education and secondary specialized education. To date, the level of teaching elementary physics and the assimilation of knowledge by students in these educational institutions does not meet modern requirements. This is due to a decrease in attention to physical education. In particular, the training of physical education teachers does not meet the level required for their advanced training or retraining. Results. Physics is a more complex and experimental science than other sciences. This science requires students to have a deep knowledge of the course of mathematics, a good understanding of engineering and technology, what laws of physics they are working on, and the representation of physical phenomena and processes. Discussion.Since physics is mainly an experimental science, it is studied on the basis of a demonstration experiment and laboratory exercises. Unfortunately, educational laboratories and their equipment in most educational institutions are not in demand today, and all of them are outdated both spiritually and physically. Therefore, the creation of new electronic textbooks for physical education is one of the urgent problems of modern physical education. Conclusion. It is widely practiced to use non-traditional teaching methods in addition to traditional teaching of physics. The main purpose of non-traditional lessons is based on the mechanism of self-study of students. The expediency of using computers in teaching semiconductor physics is described in connection with the content, form and methods of its teaching at the present time. This article also deals with web pages, educational programs and files from the Internet, electronic textbooks, animations, virtual laboratory work in physics.

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