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The article reports the results that occur in managing the dehulling process of output, which is the main process of processing grain. The study of the technical thawing processes was carried out the key factors influencing the consistency of the manufactured target product, where the hydrothermal treatment of the grain causes the initial properties of the grain to be altered. And due to the effects of moisture, temperature, as well as thawing decreases, wheat grain vitreousness, the degree of endosperm loosening increases, there is a redistribution of chemicals in the anatomical parts of the grain under the influence of developing biochemical processes. In order to enhance technology production, organization of controls, quantitative accounting of raw materials, goods and monitoring of processes, the implementation of an integrated control system for the management of technical processes is important. To this end, mathematical models of heterogeneous humid systems dielectric permittivity and ways to enhance the reliability and accuracy of dielectric process results of moisture regulation of materials are analyzed. The issues of high-frequency system design and design of moisture control devices based on it are considered for capacitive measuring transducers. It is sufficient to cover the spectrum from infrared to tens of megahertz when designing the dielcometric means of technical control of heterogeneous systems parameters, because it is in this frequency range that the polarization structure factors manifest themselves. The dielectric grain permit model, which takes the material temperature into account, encourages us to estimate the degree and nature of the polarization factor's effect on the total grain moisture measurement error, and can therefore be used to make the required corrections to the result of the measurement. It investigates the criteria for primary measuring transducers

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