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The paper studies a qualitatively new way to reduce the measurement error of phase voltages in solving the problem of filtering the magnetization current and the reproduction of the primary voltage signals of two-winding measuring transformers. Errors of voltage measuring transformers in these transient and stationary processes are primarily due to the nonlinearity of the magnetization characteristics of the electrical steel cores and, in addition, the active resistance of the windings, the load and their inductances, and in some cases, and capacity. In fact, errors are methodical and in many practical applications limit the use of various transformers because of the inability to provide the required accuracy class.

The results obtained can be used for other types of these transformers in high voltage three-phase systems. Traditionally, such transformers are described using linear, electrical equivalent circuits, which leads to large, unacceptable errors in the analysis and control of various non-stationary processes in the transformer equipment and the power system circuit, where it is installed, which in turn can cause significant damage equipment, loss of stability of power supply systems, large economic losses and violation of the safety of their service.

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