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The national economy of the country uses various machines and mechanisms, the vast majority of which are road transport, operated in various sectors of the Republic. Due to the fact that they operate in the severe operating conditions associated with off-road and high dusty environment, there is an intensive lubricant contamination of transmission units. This article studies the rates of fuel consumption when using agricultural machinery, such parameters as fuel and lubricant efficiency, flammability, motor ability of agricultural machinery, speed. In addition, the article presents the results of bench tests to determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of abrasive particles that enter the oil composition from the environment when using agricultural machinery. When replacing the transmission oil, it was found that with a level of abrasive particle contamination of 0.25-0.30%, a fixed operating time of gear wheels in the unit is provided, for rolling bearings this amount should not exceed 0.1%. During the tests, the DZ-99 motor graders were selected and the calculation results of the fractional abrasive particle composition in the aggregate oil were obtained by the concentration of abrasive particles from the operation duration , as shown in the table. It is believed that a complete comprehension of the interplay between these processes and products with the environment will aid producing companies as well as governments of producing countries make better decisions on the strategies to minimize the effects of production activities on the environment and health of a nation.

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