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The non-contact measurement method development is caused by the need for precise measurement and elimination of an operator’s errors. The purpose of the atticle research is to develop a reliable small scale prototype model of non-contact point measuring system. The mathematical model of robotic articulated arm has been developed to analyze the forward kinematics. Then, the prototype model of a robotic arm and laser-sensor mounted technique have been developed to take the measurements. The idea was derived from the coordinate measuring machine working principle, that puts the tip or tool center point in the known position with necessary precision. Most of the production engineers rely on the measurement data obtained from the CMMs. Most of the CMMs used in Uzbekistan are mainly contact based CMMs that have a number of disadvantages, i.e. a liitle inspection time. Also, the ergonomics and redundancy of the CMMs body frame are not acceptable. The surfaces of a vehicle body frame are designed in the free forms to give better aerodynamics and smaller resistance coefficients that result in difficult shapes that is not possible to reach easily with the ordinary CMM. The scientifically-developed robotic arm based on the non-contact CMM helps to cope with this issues

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