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In this article, the forms of moisture connection and the thermal characteristics of plant materials are studied. Rosehip and hawthorn fruits were chosen as the object of research. In the heat analyzer, a decrease in the mass of the product and an increase in temperature were found when the temperature was controlled in a certain gas environment. The curves of the dependence of the dog rose and hawthorn samples on the mass and temperature are given. DTA-1/10 galvanometer sensitivity; sensitivity of the DTG-1/5 galvanometer; the maximum heating temperature is 300° С and the rate of change of the furnace heating temperature is 3° С / min. The temperature features of the process of thermolysis of plant products have been studied. As a result of the study, the initial temperature, the highest and the final temperature of endothermic action were determined. The thermophysical properties of rose hips and hawthorn fruits were studied on the basis of experiments and the results are reflected in the tables below. Coefficients of thermal conductivity and specific heat of mass in the temperature range 20-80 ºC are given.

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