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The practice of drilling has proven that the use of compressed air as a cleaning agent provides a significant increase in ROP (mechanical drilling speed) and reduces the time spent on eliminating geological complications, which sharply increases the productivity and economy of drilling operations.

However, air has a low heat capacity compared to liquid flushing solutions, this affects the operation of rock cutting tools through high contact temperatures with irreversible consequences such as deformation of matrices, destruction of diamonds, grinding, reduction of diamond hardness and tool burns. To prevent these problems, there is a need to develop technical means and technology to effectively ensure the temperature regime of the rock-cutting tool.

In addition to normalizing the temperature regime of the rock-cutting tool, there is the problem of increased energy consumption of drilling due to the use of compressor units, the drive power of which is much higher than that of pumps used in similar conditions.

This article discusses the possibility of normalizing and regulating the temperature regime of the rock-cutting tool due to forced cooling of the cleaning air at the bottom hole to negative temperatures. It also describes the possibility of increasing the efficiency of drilling wells with air blowing by using a heat recovery unit for compressor drive heat and excess air, and presents the results of experimental tests to determine the effect of the ejection of exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine on the efficiency of its operation

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