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The article presents the issues of prevention and prevention of processes related to ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions in the development of coal deposits, namely the study of spontaneous combustion of coal Angren deposit. Chemical activity of coals at low temperatures contributing to spontaneous combustion is emphasized, as well as the influence of hot climate in the region on the increase in chemical activity of coals. In this connection, climatic conditions of the region have been studied, i.e., increased temperature (from +250 to +500C) gives a sharp increase in the chemical activity of Angren coal. The main parameter that characterizes reservoir properties and filtration coefficient, showing the ability of the reservoir to let fluid through under the influence of the applied pressure gradient, is determined. The causes of spontaneous combustion are studied, depending on the rate of oxygen sorption by coal, reducing its pre-injection of water into the coal bed before excavation, the method of calculation of determining the incubation period of spontaneous combustion of coal is given

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