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When we focusing Emergency response system based on navigational units vulnerability to intentional interference and an opportunity incentive to attackers who wants to fool or impair Emergency response system based on navigational units especially smartphones and drones then Spoofing interference is a considerably powerful attack than jamming cause of jammer attacks block GNSS legitimate communication signals immediately on several receivers this arise mitigation strategy and counter measures for efficient jamming detection before damages are done.

However, spoofing attack is most dangerous type of interference where produces GNSS like signals and fool receiver without interrupting GNSS operations where receiver navigation system is not able to do any counter measures until the fatal point.

Positioning unit for all applications are not immune to this kind of attacks. Form a general perspective, a positioning unit is made of several sensors providing the actual position information, with the GNSS sensor playing a core role, being usually the only one providing an absolute estimation of the position, and others aiding or refining such information.

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