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The article deals with the improvement of the performance of diesel engines by improving the cooling system. It is indicated that there is a number of problems that arise when converting an engine with spark ignition to natural gas. The increase of thermal stress of the engine is illustrated. As a result of researching of features of the parameters and characteristics of a gas-powered automobile engine and optimization of its temperature regime, a very actual scientific and practical task is determined. The engine with the spark ignition installed on the microbus working on the diesel and gas is presented. The results of the spark-ignition engine research on gaseous fuel are presented. The following recommendations are given: to analyze the design features of gas engines; analyze the principles of operation of modern engine cooling systems; to conduct a theoretical study of the engine cooling system of gas buses and minibuses, which would allow to identify the causes leading to an increase in the thermal stress of engine parts when converted to gas fuel, which consists in the specificity and features of the working process; suggest ways to improve the cooling system of gas engines; to develop and propose options for improving the cooling system of gas engines, which will reduce the cooling temperature from 120 to 90 °C.

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