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The article analyzes the modern model for evaluating the improvement of investment activity efficiency and provides conclusions on the level of development of the current state of railway transport in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The economic effect of intensive investments is the equivalent of the costs and benefits of the difference between the result and the costs of achieving it.

The economic efficiency of intensive investments is defined as the ratio of investment costs to achieving a profitable result (economic effect).

The indicators characterizing the economic efficiency of intensive investments: the integrated effect, the need for additional financing, the internal rate of return, the intensive return on investment ratio, the intensive return on investment index, the innovation ratio, investment in human resources, and the effectiveness of modern corporate governance. will be included.

The multiplier effect in which a set of multipliers reflects changes in production volumes, investments and industry characteristics. Analysis of specific activities shows the impact of growth indicators, given its contribution to the dynamics of the economy.

An increase in investment costs will lead to an increase in production and income. This interaction is explained by the multiplier effect. The concept of the multiplier means "multiplier". The essence of the multiplier effect is that an increase in investment will lead to greater growth in national income.

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