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The article emphasizes the high demands that are put forward to the professional knowledge and skills of air traffic controllers. Attention is drawn to ICAO's civil aviation training policy, which supports the human resource development strategies developed by Member States and the aviation community and provides access to a sufficient number of qualified and competent professionals. Based on this, the feasibility of research and improvement of the educational process of training air traffic controllers is substantiated. As a research method, the collection, processing and analysis of statistical data is used. As the subject of the study, educational programs for the training of aviation specialists of higher educational institutions of the USA, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Uzbekistan were adopted. The article presents the results of the analysis of curricula, arguing the choice of the most relevant areas of the educational process, in which it is advisable to digitalize educational and methodological support. The analysis concerns the content of curricula, the composition of academic disciplines and the motivations established for them. Based on the analysis, the dominant requirements are identified that determine the specifics of education for the training of specialists for air traffic management and services. It has been established that in the structures of curricula of specialized disciplines the greatest attention is given to knowledge of regulatory legal documents. This became the evidential basis to make a conclusion about the relevance of digitalization of educational and methodical manuals related to regulatory legal documents and the use of electronic educational technologies in the training process of air traffic controllers.

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