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The results of the study of optical absorption of metal films YBa2Cu3O6+x when passing through the film direct current to 100 mA are presented. Analysis of the data indicates that the relationship between absorption and current arises due to the possibility of filling the localization areas with carriers in the current mode (or vice versa, due to the emission of localized carriers to the mobility level). Fdor films with substantially nonlinear voltammper characteristic, a strong effect of current on the value of interzone absorption was found. It has been experimentally established that the EO-effect occurs at interzone transitions only in the mode of nonlinear VAC, the amplitude of the effect increases with the growth of current (voltage), but with the linearization of VAC EO-effect disappears. In the field of optical transitions at local levels, this effect was not observed. The analysis of results from the point of view of carrier localization and delocalization processes.

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