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In article questions of a conclusion of the coefficients of the equations of a rail four-polar of a jointless rail circuit are considered, taking into account uncertainty of borders where the travelling receiver which is applied now on a railway transportation is used. Mathematical modeling of four-pole coefficients by locomotive receiver is given. Analytical expressions and coefficients for calculation of the locomotive current flowing under the receiving coils and transfer resistance are derived. The scheme of a jointless rail circuit in the presence of moving units and mutual influence on each other is given. The influence of the carrier information from the traffic light in front, where it is necessary to take into account the factor of the signal level from the outgoing train, so that the information of the neighboring rail circuit would not be perceived, since there are no insulating joints. A scheme with five four poles has been developed and coefficients of these four poles have been obtained to calculate the current of the locomotive flowing under the receiving coils. Analytical expressions are obtained for determining the current for receiving by the receiving coils of a locomotive, the minimum supply voltage of an unbroken rail circuit and the transmission resistance of a rail circuit in normal operation for a locomotive receiver.

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