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The article considers the results of the analysis of autotransformers operation mode monitoring. The time diagram of active load current and oil temperature of autotransformer TashTES AT-3 is established and during one year changes of these variables and basic parameters of autotransformer were observed. Technical faults of the power transformer and high power autotransformer are established and methods of their elimination are determined. Damage of transformers and autotransformers with voltage of 110-500 kV of about 30% of the total number of outages which were accompanied by internal short-circuits and two main causes of damage were determined. The main causes of technological failures, which were not accompanied by internal short-circuits, are as follows: 20% of failures in operation of the on-load tap-changer, 16% of oil leaks from the bushings, 13% of oil leaks and lowering of oil from the transformer due to violation of welded joints and rubber seals, 4% of engine damage to oil pumps of the cooling system, 3% of pressure increase in high-voltage hermetic bushings, 2% of film protection shell damage. The main reasons of technological violations accompanied by internal short-circuit in the transformer are as follows: breakdown of internal insulation of high-voltage bushings, insufficient short-circuit resistance, wear and tear of winding insulation, breakdown of insulation.

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