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The article discusses the preparation of some thermodynamic parameters characterizing the final product of complex radical polymerization of amino alkyl acrylate derivatives containing both methacrylate and alkyl groups of low molecular weight compounds with electron acceptors - polymerization initiators at temperatures that exclude thermal decomposition of the initiators themselves. The equilibrium constant of the complication reaction and the molar extinction coefficient of the complex were determined by graphically solving the Bеneshe-Hildebrand equation, the heats of complex formation, entropy, Gibbs energy were found, and the elemental composition of low molecular weight and high molecular weight substances was determined. As can be seen from the studies, the molar extinction coefficient of the complex practically does not depend on temperature, and the equilibrium constant of the complexation reaction even in a narrow temperature range (283–293 K) increases with increasing temperature. The structure and composition of the synthesized monomeric and polymer salt were also considered in the work, and confirmed by IR-spectroscopy and analysis of elemental composition, the obtained spectroscopic data showed that the unit of the formed polymer corresponds in composition and structure to the monomeric quaternary salt, and the allyl bond in the polymers is preserved. It can be seen from the studies that, with an increase in the concentration of both the monomer and the initiator, the reaction rate naturally increases.

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