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The research findings of the pyrrole formation from acetylene, ammonia and amines varying catalysts and reaction conditions have been studied in the work. The cadmium catalysts developed by us selectively lead to pyrroleformation using aluminum fluoride as a promoter. The change in the rate of acetylene consumption depending on the weight of the catalyst according to the Boreskov criterion shows that external diffusion does not influence under the conditions of T-573K and P_ (C_2 H_2) = 0.1 atm. The values of the rate of acetylene consumption of at 4, 2, 1, 0.5 mm sizes of catalyst grains with similar conditions, internal diffusion does not influence on the observed rate of acetylene consumption. Calculation on the Thiele modulus shows that the reaction of acetylene consumption does not experience intra-diffusion inhibition. The presence of a noticeable amount of macropores in the porous catalyst grain eliminates the appearance of a temperature gradient and causes a high kinetic ability of the reaction.

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