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The article examines the results of research into the extraction of valuable components from the dump tailings of the copper concentration plant (AMF) of the AGMK. It was found that the copper content after the chemical analysis of the sample averaged 0.139%. The expediency of using the method of flotation enrichment of dump tailings of a copper-concentrating mill and obtaining low- grade copper concentrate is shown. suitable for processing at the existing production of AGMK. Optimal regimes and effective enrichment indices are determined. The developed technological scheme for processing the dump tailings of the AMF AGMK with the use of which metals can be extracted into low-grade copper concentrate containing 2.83% of copper, 748 g / t of molybdenum, 6.2 g / t of gold, 21.3 g / t of silver and 3.51 g / t of rhenium.

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