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Articles with text uniqueness of at least 70% are accepted for publication (anti-plagiarism).

  • Files accepted for publication are articles (MS Word) that have never been published anywhere before and have not been submitted for publication in other publications that meet the criteria listed below, which have undergone internal review (provided by the journal) and plagiarism (the originality of the text should be at least 70% of the total).
  • The size of the article is at least 4 pages (but not more than 20 pages), including figures and tables placed in the text by reference (the ratio of figures and tables to text is 30 to 50%).
  • Text formatting (formatting): margins of 25 mm, single spacing without hyphenation, extra spaces and paragraph spacing, font Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • References should include 15 or more sources; reference to own works - no more than 20% of the total number of sources; the list of references must contain references to modern sources (not older than three years at the time of publication of the article, 20%) and foreign sources (40% of the total).
  • The abbreviation used in the text is deciphered at the first use.
  • References are compiled in the order of first mention of sources. The text indicates the source number in the list, enclosed in square brackets. Only published works are included in the list, one source must correspond to one link. The list includes only those sources that are mentioned in the text of the article.

The article must contain:

  • UDC (placement in the left corner of the document);
  • Title of the article (in capital letters) in English language; bold font, size 12, placement in the center of the document;
  • Information about the authors in English language (see an example of article design):
  • Full name of the authors;
  • Academic degree, position;
  • Place of work and unit (institute, department, etc.)
  • Postal address of the place of work;
  • Authors email.
  • An annotation (English language) of at least 100 words, which should reflect the relevance and purpose of the study, methods, results, conclusions;
  • Keywords (at least 7 words or phrases in English language).

The design of figures, tables and formulas in the text of the article:

  • Image files (preferably color) in jpg, tif, cdr, vsd or other formats of vector editors Corel Draw, Microsoft Visio, etc., as well as special graphic editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi are attached to the article.
  • Signature of figures and tables (English language): Fig. 1. Name; Title, Table 1. Name; Title
  • Draw fractions and intervals as 1.2 ... 1.8 mm; 5-7 pcs.
  • If the length of the formula exceeds half the width of the page, it is necessary to break the formula into fragments due to the fact that the texts of articles in the journal are arranged in two columns.
  • Only those formulas referred to in the text are numbered in italics — letters of the Latin alphabet, except for the proper names, designations of standard mathematical functions and chemical elements (Ф, µ, но Аl2О3, cosα, max, lg, «BASF»). Vectors are in bold italics.
  • The text of the article uses quotation marks of the form "...".
  • Mandatory presence of conclusions at the end of the article.
  • Bibliography:
  • Drawn up in accordance with the rules of the journal (see. example of the design of the article);
  • Formed in accordance with the mention of sources in the text of the article, for example: [1, 2] or [3–7];
  • A cited list of literature must be transliterated using the Roman alphabet (Latin; see an example of article design).

The editors do not accept articles for publication if an identical article has already been published in other media. Authors of the material in English accept the obligation not to transmit such materials for publication in other media. The editors reserve the right to terminate further work with authors who violate this requirement.

The fact that the article was submitted to the editorial office for publication confirms the author’s consent to all the requirements presented.

The high-tech text of the manuscript is submitted to the editor in two copies; both copies of the article must be signed by all authors. The article is submitted in electronic form.

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