Bulletin of the Agrarian Science of Uzbekistan


In this investigation quality indicators and bio-chemical features of the group of 17 new hybrids of technical grapes which were developed in scientific research institute of horticulture, viticulture and wine-growing in Uzbekistan, have been compared. For the comparison of these white and red coloured hybrids, Bayan Shirey and Saperavi types which belong to Vitis vinifera L. generation, grown in Uzbekistan widely, have been used as a testing and observation version. During the laboratory analysis total sugar, total acidity, soluble solid substances, pH indicator of juice, activity indicators of phenol compounds and antioxidants have been determined. Total sugar quantity reached to high level in Hybrid № 12-5-26/30 and Hybrid № 12-5-26/5. In the other forms these indications have been low. Total acidity has been at high level (7,88 gr/l) in Hybrid № 12-3-24/28 groups. In the other forms (white, red and black) this indication has varied between 5,0-6,5 gr/l wine acid.

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