Bulletin of the Agrarian Science of Uzbekistan


There are many publications available devoted to study of preservation of microorganisms’ properties during storage by different methods. In the collection of industrially important cultures of microorganisms of the Institute of Microbiology over 100 strains of microscopic fungi are preserved, which possess antagonistic capacity towards different phytopathogens. The antagonistic activity of industrially important strains of micromycetes Aspergillus terreus 455 and 482, Aspergillus niger 606 and 607 and Trichoderma harzianum 445 was studied at storage by the different methods for 4 years. Microscopic fungi-agents of Verticillium (Verticillium dahliae) and Fusarium (Fusarium oxysporum) wilt of cotton were used as test-cultures. Results of study revealed that all studied strains of micromycetes-antagonists in all tested methods of storage preserved antagonistic activity towards phytopathogens.

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