Bulletin of the Agrarian Science of Uzbekistan


Antioxidants are active combinations; these are significant for the organisms of plants and animals. And the antioxidants are important to complete the task of natural detoxication systems to take out the free radicals and radical forms from organisms. Natural antioxidants can be used to treat many diseases. In the absence of antioxidants in our organism a number of diseases can be aroused. In our work, the total amount of antioxidants in the leafs of some medicinal plants growing in Kashkadarya river basin such as in Mentha, Melissa, Trichodesma, Peganium, Origanium, Rheum, Ziziphora, Alhagi, Rumex were defined. On the research general antioxidants were found in Mentha, Melissa, Trichodesma, Peganum, Origanum, Rheum, Ziziphora, Alhagi, Rumex, but the highest amount of the antioxidants was studied in Mentha, Melissa, Origanium.

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