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The value of the specific thermo EMF is one of the most important thermoelectric parameters of a material and in practice is estimat-ed mainly by two well-known methods - integral and differential. To measure the thermo EMF of granular silicon, we used a differential method. In this work, the thermoelectric properties of granular silicon containing alkali metal atoms have been studied, the presence of which, for example, in single-crystal structures makes it possible to improve the characteristics of a number of devices, and in polycrystalline ones, the effect of grain boundaries on the electrical properties, in particular, to reduce the resistance of this material is sharp.

In connection with this, the temperature de-pendence of the Seebeck coefficient of granular sil-icon produced by grinding raw materials with alkali metal atoms introduced into it has been determined. According to the results of the study, the value of the Seebeck coefficient in samples containing Cs atoms at 530 K is ~493 мкВ/К, and in samples containing Na atoms is ~277 мкВ/К. That is, the value of the Seebeck coefficient in the case of doping the raw material with cesium turned out to be 9-11 times, and in the case of sodium impurity, 5-7 times more than in the samples made by grinding monocrystalline silicon.

In our opinion, an increase in the Seebeck coefficient in samples containing alkali metal atoms upon heating can be associated with the suppression of recombination centers by alkali metal atoms caused by defects on the surface of contacting silicon particles, which is accompanied by an increase in the concentration of electron-hole pairs.

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