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The results showed a slight increase in internal resistance under the influence of bending and confirmed that the equivalent circuit model of electrons did not change under bending conditions as indicated in graphically illustrated the results by cyclic voltamperometry (TsV) at a scanning speed of 10 mV / s under the above bending angles of the SK prepared on the basis of PG 10 GPE. From ex-periments we found that the shapes are almost rec-tangular, with no redox peaks observed. We can see that the area of the TsV curves changes slightly as the bending angle increases, but this does not significantly affect its performance. The low-temperatures the electrophysical properties of SK based on polyvinyl alcohol and gellan gum poly-mer electrolyte (PG 10 GPE) proposed in these studies were determined by cyclic voltamperometry, galvanostatic charge / discharge, and electrochemi-cal impedance spectroscopy measured in the range from room temperature to -40 ° C (room tempera-ture, 0°, -10 °, -20 °, -30 °, -40 ° C) (Fig. 3). The results of cyclic voltamperometry obtained at a scanning speed of 20 mV / s, despite the tempera-ture drop in the connections, retained their rectan-gular shape, indicating that redox velocities were not close to the ideal capacity. The dependences of the Nyquist fields (electroimpedance spectroscopy) showed a slight increase in internal resistance un-der the influence of low temperatures, but this did not adversely affect the performance of the SC. Thus, we can see from the graphically de-scribed results of the cyclic voltamperometry method with a scanning speed of 10mV / s under the above-studied bending angles of the GPE-based SC that the obtained shapes are almost rectangular and no redox peaks were observed. In SCs, the gal-vanostatic charging / discharging results were tri-angular in shape and showed a small amount of internal resistance and a decrease in charging / dis-charging time. This confirms that the PG 10 GPE-based SK sample has ionic conductivity even at low temperatures. The KOH in the sample prevents it from freezing and ensures that the sample works stably at low temperatures.

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