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In this work, we studied the ef-fect of excess tellurium and lead on the defor-mation characteristics of polycrystalline PbTe films obtained on different substrates. It was found that the resistance of the films first increases and reach-es a maximum, and with a further increase in the level of deformation, it decreases and the sign of the tensile resistance begins to change, which are associated with the presence of internal stresses in the films. It was also shown that with an increase in the amount of lead in the composition of the PbTe film, the electrical conductivity increases in com-parison with the PbTe films of the stoichiometric composition.

To measure the effect of tensosensitivity in polycrystalline samples, we used the following technique. Polycrystalline film of lead telluride is obtained under high vacuum by high temperature evaporation. In terms of electrical measurements, more stringent requirements are imposed on the quality of contacts. They should be ohmic and their proper-ties should not depend on deformation. Since very small voltages have to be measured in the study of the effect of piezoresistance, the measuring devices must ensure, when measuring the voltage, an accu-racy of at least 0.1 +0.3 μV. As studies have shown, during compression deformation, the tensile sensitivity coefficient (TSC) of the samples on paper increases, and de-creases on polyimide and oxidized aluminum foil. When stretched, the CPC remains almost un-changed. It should be noted that the tensile strength of some specimens changes somewhat differently than in compression. The resistance of the films first increases and reaches a maximum, and with a further increase in the level of deformation it de-creases, as in the case of compression.

Comparison of the obtained experimental data shows that in PbTe - Te and Pb - Te films with an excess of tellurium upon deformation, a sharper in-crease in electrical conductivity is observed in

comparison with PbTe films of stoichiometric composition. It can be seen from the study of the tensomet-ric characteristics that an increase in the amount of the metal component in the composition of the PbTe film leads to an increase in the electrical con-ductivity. In this regard, it is of interest to study the effect of the addition of Pb on the tensometric properties of PbTe and to compare the results ob-tained with the results for films of stichometric composition in order to clarify the mechanism re-sponsible for the tensometric effect in these sam-ples. We studied the tensometric characteristics of PbTe - Pb and Pb-Te films containing different amounts of excess lead.

The differences in the K values of the PbTe, PbTe – Pb, and Pb – Te films are closely related to the mechanism of the effect of the Pb excess on the physical properties of PbTe. The decrease in the tensosensitivity of the studied polycrystalline PbTe – Pb and Pb – Te films, which occurs as a result of the additional introduction of Pb, is apparently due to the fact that excess lead introduces changes in the specificity of the potential relief of the films.

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