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This paper shows the possibility of growing a single-crystal solid solution of substitution (GaAs1-δBiδ)1-x-y(Ge2)x(ZnSe)y on GaAs substrates by liquid-phase epitaxy from a bismuthcontaining solution-melt. The grown films had a ptype of conductivity with a current carrier concentration of 1,86·1017 сm-3, a mobility of р = 300 cm2/V·s, and a resistivity of 0,13 Ohms·cm. Structural studies have shown that the epitaxial films have a sphalerite structure of the ZnS type and are monocrystalline with an orientation of (100). The crystal lattice parameter of the film was af = 0,56697 nm. Studies of current-voltage characteris-tics of n-GaAs – p-(GaAs1-δBiδ)1-x-y(Ge2)x(ZnSe)y heterostructures at different temperatures. We have shown that the direct branch of the current-voltage characteristic is described by the dependence J = AV with the values of the degree α from 2 to 8. This behavior of the current flow is explained by various mechanisms of recombination of current carriers in certain areas of the voltage characteris-tics depending on the state of the interface, deter-mined by the properties of individual elements of the constituent components.

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