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This work shows the possibility of growing a single-crystal substitutional solid solution (GaAs1-δBiδ)0.46(Ge2)0.31(ZnSe)0.23on GaP substrates by liquid phase epitaxy from a bismuth-containing melt solution. was shown that tetrahedral bonds in the (GaAs1-δBiδ)0.46(Ge2)0.31(ZnSe)0.23 layers are enriched with arsenide gallium molecules, and some GaAs1-δBiδ molecules are replaced by Ge2 paired atoms and ZnSe molecule compounds. Experimental results showed that in the epitaxial film, the molar content of GaAs1-δBiδ gradually decreases, while Ge2 and ZnSe increases, their distribution over the depth of the components of GaAs1-δBiδ, Ge-Ge and ZnSe is almost uniform. On the surface of the film, the molar content of gallium is 14 at. %, arsenic - 12 at. %, bismuth - 10 at. %, Germany - 31 at. %, selenium - 9 at.% and zinc - 14 at.%, which corresponds to the conditions for the formation of a solid solution (GaAs1-δBiδ)0.46(Ge2)0.31(ZnSe)0.23. The experimental value of the lattice parameter of the substrate was as = 5.448 Å, which is comparable to its tabular value aGaP = 5.445 Å, and this shows that the volume fraction of the distorted region of the lattice is an insignificant small amount compared to the entire volume of the single crystal. It was established that the used substrates have the perfect crystal lattice and their structural parameters correspond to the parameters of the high-quality film. It was found that the grown films are single-crystal with a (111) orientation, block size of 62 nm, and have a sphalerite structure, and the crystal lattice parameter of the film is af = 0.05656 nm. Preliminary electrophysical parameters were determined at 300 K, for which the conductivity type is p, the concentration and mobility of the main charge carriers are 1,5·1016 cm-3 and 435 cm2/V s, respectively. It was established that the current-voltage characteristic of n-GaP – p-(GaAs1-δBiδ)1-x-y(Ge2)x(ZnSe)y in the forward direction of the current is well described by the exponential dependence.

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