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The author of the article describes the results of scientific research aimed at creating a patented new design of a mobile drum device and ensuring an increase in the amount of paddy due to high-quality drying by substantiating its parameters. Firstly, an analysis of scientific research and patent information materials of existing devices for drying sludge working in a convective way, the existing advantages and the main disadvantages of existing devices are determined. Based on the analysis, the requirements of the newly developed device for drying the paddy are formed, theoretical research is carried out, the purpose of which was to determine the changing quantitative and qualitative indicators in the drying process, to substantiate the basic requirements and parameters of the developed device. Secondly, a structural and constructive scheme has been developed for a new device for drying paddy, which prevents the main disadvantages of the existing devices. The advantages of the proposed device for drying paddy are shown. According to the structural and constructive diagrams and to the developed technical requirements, a physical model of the device for drying the paddy an experimental model of a device for drying the cuttings was made and. The technical characteristics of the experimental sample are given, according to which the energy and resource saving of the proposed device for drying the paddy is visible. Thirdly, the opportunity was created to determine the kinematic parameters of the movement of the embankment of the paddy in the drying drum of a mobile device determine the kinematic parameters of the movement of the embankment paddy in the dryer drum. Programs have been developed to that plot the trajectory of the center of gravity on the plane, change the projection of the center of gravity, change the projection of the velocity of the center of gravity, change the projection of acceleration on the coordinate axes of the section of the embankment paddy in the dryer drum. It is shown that the obtained dimensions determined the geometric dimensions of the drying drum, developed the theoretical basis for creating the operating temperature of the drying agent in the drying drum and a method for determining the specific heat capacity of the paddy. The results of the study can be used in the design of new grain dryers and the expansion of ideas about increasing the number of useful products in grain processing.

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