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New control charts and their assessments determining the normality of the quality criterion are carried out in the article. Using these charts, the degree of stability of the production process is studied using one example.

In practice, the stability of the process under study is important. It depends on ordinary (random) and special (nonrandom) reasons. These reasons strongly affect the distribution of the process under study. Distributions may vary in position, spread, and shape. They can be checked using asymmetry and excess coefficients. If only the usual causes of variations occur, then the results of the process form a distribution that is stable over time and predictable. If there are special reasons for the variations, then the result of the process is not stable in time.

If it is established that the process is stable and able to meet the requirements at the moment, additional studies should be performed. Moreover, if a sufficient amount of data is collected, then they are built on a control map, and if no specific reasons are found, then long-term reproducibility factors can be calculated.

The article contains new control charts and their assessments determining the stability of the process under study. Using these cards on one example, the degree of stability of the production process is investigated.

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