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This work is devoted to the use of reflective optoelectronic converters for the automation of liquid and gas calibration flowmeter installations. Liquid and gas calibration flowmeter devices are widely used for verification and certification of various liquid and gas flowmeters and meters. The analysis of the principles of construction of a reflective optoelectronic converter for calibration devices is carried out and the basic principles of their construction are determined. A functional diagram of an experimental automated programmable calibration test setup of flow meters, liquid meters developed on the basis of ROC is presented. High accuracy requirements are imposed on the calibration flowmeter device in terms of accuracy, reliability, speed, cost and manufacturability, in addition, it is required that in calibration installations the processes of verification and processing of measurement results are automated based on modern achievements of microprocessor technology. The analysis of existing position sensors showed that for calibration flowmeter installations, optoelectronic converters based on the reflection of the light flux are most suitable, which have a number of advantages: simplicity and compact design; high sensitivity and accuracy, as well as ease of installation and installation on the elements of the gas-measuring device. The authors have developed an automated bell gas metering system based on the ROC, in which the movement of the bell in the water tank is ensured by an electric motor, gearbox and screw. The air displaced from under the bell through the pipe enters through switching taps to the flow meter or meter to be verified. The speed switch allows you to change the speed of the bell using the rollers and thereby provides a change in the set air flow through the flow meter or gas meter. Automatic measurement of the flow rate and the amount of air through a flow meter or gas meter is provided by four OPRT, consisting of radiation receivers and radiation sources, two of which are located in the upper part and two in the lower parts of the housing wall. In the developed gas measuring device, the bell is immersed in a water tank not under its own weight, but with the help of an electric drive. The speed of movement of the bell can be set using a microprocessor control system. Based on this, the development of an optoelectronic converter is based on the principle of constructing a reflective optoelectronic converter (ROC) based on light reflection.

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