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Today, there are many types of fruits that are separated the kernel from the shell: walnuts, almonds, filberts, chestnuts, pistachios and cashews. Nuts have a high calorific value and a rich nutrient composition. The most critical and delicate operation is shell cracking to extract the fragile whole kernel from the shell. Studies on nut rupturing are particularly focused on the following three aspects: the physical characteristics of nuts, the mechanical properties of nut rupturing, and nut rupturing equipment. Determining the velocity of the nut entered into the apparatus will allow the machine to operate normally, but will also increase its productivity. If the speed of the drum is proportional to the rate of the walnut coming out of the bunker to the device, the machine runs smoothly. The speed of the drum used to calculate the machine's dimensions. Clearly, the number of turns of the working drum is n = 60 rev/ min, drum radius R = 0.5m. in that case, (1) (2) (2) we enter values in the formula. When the drum has eight lanterns the velocity of the drum is determined to be v = 3.14 m / s and determined the speed of each drum. The total speed of the drum is eight and the speed for a part of drum. In calculating the speed of falling the nuts on the beaker detector, the constructive parameters determined by experiment are used: 1. The length of the walnut deck is L = 0.7 m 2. The latitudinal slope α = 45о 3. Walnut weight m = 10 gr 4. Friction coefficient: walnut was rolled on steel and it was determined by experiment, that f = 0.01 is recommended. The friction coefficient is dependent not only on the type of material but also on moisture, pressure and temperature. Several nuts were rolled in steel deck (45о) and friction coefficient was determined. The optimal value for the calculation was chosen. The nut is acted by the gravity P = mg, the normal reaction force of the N plane and the friction forces of Fish = fN. Vector P is discomposed to components P1 and P2 on the plane in the perpendicular direction. In that case: will be. The normal reaction force and friction force is defined by formulas. When using the theorem on the change of kinetic energy of walnut s through the road: (8) or (9) From now on Conclusion: As a result of calculations, it is clear that the velocity of the apparatus passing through the walnut deck is v = 0.39 m / s, and the drum diameter is determined by the drum length, l = 0.3925 m. The deck walnut velocity is v = 0.35 m / s. given that the length of the deck is 0.7 m, it takes about 2 seconds to feed the nuts from the bunker to the apparatus. The nut must be accelerated to ensure that the nut will fall within the standard time frame. To do this, the machine will work in a rate due to a disk speed of = 0.9 m / s.

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