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The article is devoted to the experimental and calculation research of dependences of the main target parameters of the new device of micro-hydroelectric power station with the water-wheel working on the basis of a jet principle from numerous factors of a water stream and a design of a pre-production model. Authors specify lacks of traditional micro-hydroelectric power stations with active water-wheels and with the purpose overcoming of lacks the design of micro-hydroelectric power station with jet water-wheel is offered. The water stream entering the working cylinder of the hydrounit, flows with a great speed through the target nozzle, fixed perpendicularly to driving wheel radius. Water streams hit on perpendicularly fixed on an internal wall external stators and create the jet rotating moment of the driving wheel. Frequency of rotation of the driving wheel of the device depends also on its inertial moment. Therefore during the research the basic equations of a rotary motion of a firm body are used. The special equations for jet movement of a water stream are received and calculations of the inertial moments of the working cylinder with target channels and perpendicular to cylinder radius typical a nozzle are executed. The rotating power moments of jet movement of a target water stream are calculated. Parametres of micro-hydroelectric power station in the form of the table and the results of experiments allow to create micro-hydroelectric power station with high efficiency. It is experimentally confirmed that necessary calculations for a new design can be executed by the original differential equations for jet movement. It is defined that the operational parameters received by testing of the made device of microhydroelectric power station differ from the results of calculation of all on 4÷5 %. Potential possibilities of a natural water stream the results of the work, allow to calculate easily working constructional parameters and target capacity of micro-hydroelectric power station with the jet water-wheel. In other words, the given work has the applied value, the received equations and results of calculation can be used in designing a new micro-hydroelectric power station with various construction and target power in parametres.

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