Acta of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


Given the lack of visual information, potentially dangerous sections of the roadway are a significant cause of traffic accidents. Currently, one of the basic principles of increasing the active safety of a car is information support for the driver. However, the existing methods and means of information support for the driver have several disadvantages. Thus, the use of video recording systems is limited in conditions of insufficient visibility (for example, in difficult weather conditions), inertial navigation systems are expensive, and the use of specialized road laboratories to register the boundaries of the roadway is laborious and expensive. The ability of the driver, as well as the information support system for the driver to reliably and quickly determine the spatial position of the vehicle on the roadway, to predict and choose the mode of movement of the vehicle in the context of a lack of visual information causes road safety and is an important task. The paper addresses the implementation assessments of ERO-GLONASS navigation system and e Call via service network composition in Autonomous Vehicles (AV) in order to overcome lack of visual information and accidents in the territory of Uzbekistan.

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