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For selection and design of the precise parameters of shear cutting area of ERA GLONASS system, it is crucial to know the values of acceptable force, energy and speed. Accurate values of shearing force and energy can only be obtained from the actual force-penetration characteristics for specific applications. Actual force-penetration characteristics for all varieties of metal having different compositions and in use at various temperatures are not always available. The paper describes control system (closed loop) for shear cutting are of ERA GLONASS system and their correlations. The objective is this processes are impart a desired curvature to a workpiece at each point along the length of the part. Since the final part shape is determined by the shape to which workpiece is loaded and the amount of elastic spring back and since the latter is a strong function of the material properties of the workpiece, a truly closed loop controller must be accounted for these properties to insure consistent process performance.

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