Acta of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


This article describes the development of the knitwear industry are rising with each passing day the demand for jerseys. This is because the jerseys are hygienic, outwardly beautiful, but also have high performance. It should be noted that the performance of modern knitting machines is significantly more than at the loom. The structure and methods production of knitted plush have great advantages over the structure and methods of obtaining tissue plush. The advantages of the production of plush knitwear -the ease of obtaining both looped and cut plush, and high performance equipment. In the manufacture of plush knitwear is easy to regulate the consumption of raw materials, the thickness of the knitted fabric by changing the length of the plush broaches, and also to reproduce various drawings on the canvas, using raw materials with different properties and different colors. Various conditions of operation of products put forward their requirements to quality parameters of knitted fabrics, which are largely determined by their structures, the indicators characterizing the improvement of formability. The article also describes that the development of new technologies for the production of various structures dimensionally stable knitted fabrics, substantiation of a complex of parameters petrobrazi systems, knitting machines, increasing the range of products of knitted fabrics, expanding the technological capabilities of knitting machines is an important scientific and practical problem for textile and light industry.

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