Acta of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


The article deals with issues related to the technological process of harvesting raw cotton from cotton bushes. Serial vertical spindle drums with 12 spindles, rotating against the movement of a cotton picking machine, crushing cotton bushes lead them to a working gap of 2.4 mm, and the spindles revolve against the movement of the machine with their klink grasping the cloves of cotton and winding it on themselves. Leaving the area of the working gap, the spindles rotate in the direction of the machine's movement, while they, in contact with the cotton bushes, unwind themselves, about 10% or more of the cotton that fall to the ground. Such a technological harvest of cotton from cotton bushes was initially chosen on a successful basis. The projected new drum, on which are installed four small spindle drums with six spindles with a biplanetary spindle drive. Small spindle drums enter the cotton bushes about perpendicularly rotating toward the movement of the machine crimping and rolling around them and spindles, at this time forming the outer surface of the drums, rotating in the direction of the rotation of the drums with a serrated surface grasp the slices of cotton from the opened bolls and wind it on themselves. They come out of the bushes of the cotton spindle spinning in the opposite direction, pressing them to the clamping drum, they throw off the cotton cloves, which are then transported to the silo of the cotton picker by air.

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